The wildest trail running festival in Slovenia

Discover the wilderness of Kočevsko forests through trail running

If you had to find some of the wildest and remotest hidden gems in Slovenia, you would most certainly look for them in Kočevsko. Extensive forests, which are also home to many wild animals, cover a good part of Kočevsko. But they also hide many hidden gems, such as primeval forests, beautiful single-trails and breath-taking nature, which is certainly the most beautiful when it is dressed in a beautiful green colour.

The wilderness of the Kočevski Rog, where the pristine nature of the primeval forests is still to be found, is also home to many wild animals, such as lynxes, wolves, wild cats, deer … and of course the most famous inhabitants of the Kočevsko forests – bears. Those forests have also been recognized internationally, as they are part of the prestigious UNESCO list of world natural heritage.

You’ll forget all about time when discovering these forests, find a bit of widely sought-after peace from the digital world and connect with yourself. You will breathe in the clean forest air and surrender to the sounds of birds and treetops gently caressed by the wind. Perfect opportunity to become one with nature!

Of course, all these forests and meadows also offer perfect terrains for trail running. Of course, all these forests and meadows also offer perfect terrains for trail running. Trail running is an experience in nature, and few places offer a more original experience of nature than Kočevsko. As they say about their destination:“Wild. But nice.”

One of the most interesting facts for trail runners is the fact that you’ll spend more than 90% of your run on the trails.. You will only see asphalt for about 100 m at the beginning and a good 100 m at the end of your run. Trails will lead you through stunning forests and meadow paths hidden by Kočevsko forests for the rest of your run.

Sustainability - the green commitment

The Kočevsko Outdoor Festival takes place in the exceptional natural environment of the Kočevsko forests. That is why our goal is to minimize potential negative impacts and organize an event that will be friendly to the environment in which it takes place.

We believe that trail running can make a positive contribution to the preservation of the environment and educate the public about the need to consider the impact our activities have on the planet. Our sport has a unique power to stimulate wider social change that prioritizes sustainable development and reduction of the carbon footprint, so that the beauty of our planet, our nature, can be enjoyed by future generations.

We invite you to follow these tips and do your part in our efforts for an environmentally friendly, sustainable event.

Run indvidually or in pair

There are 4 distances available at the Kočevsko Outdoor Festival: 10, 15, 30 and 60 km. You can find more about the distances and other information about the routes HERE 

Exciting news! In 2023, we are also introducing something new – running in pairs. An ideal opportunity for all those who would like to embark on the adventure of discovering Kočevsko forests in their favourite trail running company and an excellent option for all those who may be a little worried about the wilderness and forest animals. Everything is easier and better in good company 😉.


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