The Green Commitment

The Kočevsko Outdoor Festival takes place in the exceptional natural environment of the Kočevsko forests. That is why our goal is to minimize potential negative impacts and organize an event that will be friendly to the environment in which it takes place.

We believe that trail running can make a positive contribution to the preservation of the environment and educate the public about the need to consider the impact our activities have on the planet. Our sport has a unique power to stimulate wider social change that prioritizes sustainable development and reduction of the carbon footprint, so that the beauty of our planet, our nature, can be enjoyed by future generations. That is why the Kočevsko Outdoor Festival joined the ITRA Green Charter initiative, which encourages the organizers of trail running events to introduce sustainable and responsible practices and reduce the impact of our sport on the environment.

The three key objectives of the ITRA Green Commitment are to reduce the impact on the natural environment (“leave no trace”), reduce the carbon footprint (“carbon neutrality”) and reduce the amount of waste (“zero waste”).

Of course, everyone involved has an important role in reducing negative and increasing positive impacts: organizers, event partners, competitors, and all other visitors. That is why we have created special instructions for all festival participants, which will guide you towards more responsible behaviour. We invite you to follow these tips and do your part in our efforts for an environmentally friendly, sustainable event.


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