KOF Beer Fest at Kočevsko lake (saturday, june 4)

Kočevsko Outdoor Festival is festival for all outdoor lovers – main event is trailrun on different distances – 10, 15, 30 and 60 km. At the same time you will be able to enjoy other outdoor activities. Among others you can try SUPing, wild animals wathing, swimin in nice Kočevsko lake, camping, beerfest and evening concert of rock band San Di Ego After day full of activities you can enjoy and relax at Kočevsko lake with cold beerfest beer in your hand.

Band members have a long stage history. They have done a lot of concert around the whole country. They were part of all the bigest festivals. Their concerts are attractive, energetic and quality. They play their own original songs and others famous rock hits from 70s and 80s. In this way, they satisfy even the most demanding audience.

The group members:

Matic Nareks – singer
Matic Ajdič – electric guitar, back vocals
Mitja Kobal – bass guitar, back vocals
Jure Doles – drums

Before main band you will be warmed – The Over Drive Cats are a Rockabilly band from Kočevje that plays energetic rhythms and melodies based on the 50s. After several years of dormancy, they woke up from their sleep like a brown bear and are now creating their own pieces, transforming some of the greatest hits of that time into their transformation.

Group members:

Sara Levič – vocals
Andrej Jasenc – guitar
Jernej Drobnič – double bass
Tomaž Dulmin – drums

Beer Fest at Kočevje Lake - a list of brewers

Below is a list of breweries that will be participating in the beerfest. The list is constantly being updated.

APE kraft brewery

Brewery: APE craft brewery

Vizir brewery

BREWWOOD kraft brewery

Brewery: BREWWOOD kraft brewery

MATT brewery

Brewery: MATT


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