Golden Trail National Series

Golden Trail National Series (GTNS)

The Golden Trail Series (GTS) is a world series of competitive trail running events, which was created in the organization and with the support of the Salomon brand. Its purpose is to unite some of the world’s best athletes into a common story and host the most demanding trail competitions in this field in the local environment.
The Golden Trail National series (GTNS) will take place as part of four races, where the first three in total will received a cash prize in the men’s and women’s absolute category.

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Slovenian events:

UTVV Slovenia, 7th of maj, 2022
Kočevsko Outdoor Festival, 4th junij, 2022

  • Obvezno se je udeležiti obeh tekmovanj v državi, v kateri nastopa določen tekmovalec.
  • The prizes will be the same for female and male participants.
  • When communicating on social networks, all participants and companions are kindly requested to use #goldentrailseriesslovenia or #goldentrailseriescroatia to be featured.


  • All GTNS SLO/CRO races are open to everyone.
  • Everyone has the possibility to get a bib or participate in all of the races through the website of the event.
  • It is each individual athlete’s responsibility to respect the rules and regulations of each race.

Ranking system

  • Runners must participate in at least 2 out of 3 qualifying races (UTVV SLOVENIA, KOČEVSKO OUTDOOR FESTIVAL, RISNJAK TRAIL).
  • The first 30 runners can get points.
  • The overall ranking will take into account each runner’s 2 best results from qualifying races plus the result of the national final (UČKA TRAIL).
  • The national final is mandatory to get a ranking and qualify for the GTNS Grand Final in Madeira, and the national final points are ​ double.
  • In case of a tie:

1. the best place on one of the qualifying races.
2. the second-best place on one of the qualifying races.
3. the third-best place on one of the qualifying races.


  • ​There is only one category per gender: overall male and overall female.


  • 5400 EUR Total money prize (entire series)
  • 1000 EUR Bonus for overall winner. Men & women of Golden Trail National Seris SLO/CRO 2022
  • 600 in 200 EUR Individual overall ranking bonus for 3nd and 3rd athlete men & women GTNS SLO/CRO 2022
  • 150 EUR Bonus for the winners on each qualifying races GTNS SLO/CRO
  • 100 EUR Bonus for 2nd place (men & women) on each qualifying race GTNS SLO/CRO
  • 50 EUR Bonus for the 3rd place (men & women) on each qualifying race GTNS SLO/CRO

Qualifying races

Each qualifying race of the season give the following prize money for the top 3 men and women.

  • 1st place: 150€
  • 2nd place: 100€
  • 3rd place: 50€

Overall ranking men & women

The prize giving ceremony of all GTNS SLO/CRO series will be held in Mošćenička Draga, at the end of Učka Trail 2022 race.
The first 3 men and women in the overall ranking of GTNS SLO/CRO will be awarded with champagne and cash pries

  • 1st place: 1000€
  • 2nd place: 600€
  • 3rd place: 200€

GTS Grand Finale entry

The first men and women from the GTNS SLO/CRO overall ranking will receive their ticket* to participate in the GTNS Grand Final
(Madeira Ocean Trails – 26th october 2022, Madeira) Therefore, they will receive financial support for transport and accommodation.

*Ticket: race bib + accommodation + transport (in the maximum sum specified up to 600€ from Europe to Europe and up to 1.200€ from other continent).


In the event of injury and the inability to compete before the competition, the runner who would have won a ticket for the GTNS ​Grand Finale
or for the GTC, will not receive any compensation and will lose his/her ticket and will